More than a donut, a Polish tradition!

Pączki (pronounced 'PON-CHKEE' pl. or 'PON-CHEK' sg,) have been known in Poland for nearly 500 years, though it was only during the reign of King Augustus III, under the influence of French cooks who came to Poland in the 18th century, that pączek dough was improved to become lighter, softer and more luscious as it has come to be loved and enjoyed today.

Centuries later, Holy Donut has become Bangkok’s first and only small-batch Polish bakery specializing in traditional Polish pączki - we call this type of bakery a pączkarnia


Our pączki are handmade each morning using a traditional Polish recipe that has been passed down over hundreds of years, distinguished by a delicate, fluffy dough, splash of vodka, and a beautiful halo ring wrapped around the middle, known as an 'obręczka' in Polish.


In each pączek you will find passion, tradition and care for the highest quality ingredients as you enjoy the unique taste of Poland hidden inside this rich, delicious treasure - we hope that you enjoy!


Bon Appétit! Smacznego!